Seth Benz

Seth Benz lists Gray Catbird and Rough-legged Hawk as "Spark Birds". These species, encountered in childhood, continue to inspire a career steeped in conservation science and ecological literacy. Currently, he heads up the Schoodic Bird Ecology Program at Acadia National Park, where he combines research and education on bird migration with the study of nature's sequencing of events - phenology - which engages people of all ages in Citizen Science. Seth has worked at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Hog Island Audubon Camp, Audubon Expedition Institute, Project Puffin, and Acadia National Park.  Seth leads birding tours with the Maine Birding Trail, and guides at bird festivals such as the Biggest Week in American Birding (Ohio) and Acadia Birding Festival (Maine). He currently serves on the Maine Bird Records Committee and volunteers with the Beflast Bay Watershed Coalition.