"My go-to photographer in Maine is Gerry Monteux.  He is a great instructor, and knows Maine inside and out. If you are into wildlife and landscape photography, he's the guy to see.  My experience with him in the field is first-rate." -- Larry, FL

"Gerry has helped me grow my own photography. His style of teaching is without question uniquely individualized to each person he works with. His exceptional knowledge of photography is one that is time tested. He is a serious conservator for Maine and its natural ecosystems. His love and concern for the land and its wildlife is captured in his absolutely beautiful, stunning, and exciting images of wildlife and landscape. He knows the land and has helped me discover spaces in it that my camerawork might have missed. I look forward continuing to work with Gerry as he helps me develop my photography and enjoy the beautiful environment Maine has to offer." -- Bruce, ME 

"Gerry Monteux is a creative photographer with a true love of nature, birds and beasties of all sorts.  He helps you think out of the box...outside "technical" norms, to obtain some of the best photographs.  Let him take you on a tour of his favorite landscape and nature areas in Maine, the Acadia area and the Downeast Maine shoreline.  His tours also include Photoshop tips to help you with your post-processing to create more dynamic final images."  -- Bibzie, FL
"Gerry is an awesome photo instructor, wildlife enthusiast, and Maine naturalist.  The expert when it comes to Downeast Maine animal habitat and behavior; the one I trust to get me the shot!  Looking forward to a second wildlife excursion with Gerry."  -- Bob, NM
"I have known Gerry for 4 years.  He is an outstanding photographer who knows how to get the shot and create beautiful prints.  Having lived a lifetime in Maine, Gerry knows where to go to get those shots.  He is experienced in nature, landscape and astro photography and is willing to share his "secrets".  For these reasons, I will be signing up for his eco-tour.  I really like the concept of the eco-tours that you not only capture some great images but you also learn about the area that you're taking the photos - a multi-dimensional experience." -- Fred, FL